MS OneNote Issues and Solutions

MS OneNote was developed by Microsoft in 2003, It is an amazing software of windows. It helps you to make notes here, add pictures and also share documents on the go PC. MS OneNote is an amazing app for Microsoft It’s a multi-feature performing platform.

We know MS OneNote is the great organizer of Microsoft programs, like online home for much of work: notebooks, sections, and notes. MS OneNote Customer Service is a very helpful app, where users can enter typed text via keyboard, insert pictures, and create tables. MS OneNote saves your information in pages organized into the section within notebooks.

MS OneNote Features:

  1. It is the first software of Microsoft that is used for making notes, sharing documents.
  2. It’s an amazing feature, here you can send the note to other in your own handwriting.
  3. Here, If you create a page template once then you don’t have to re-create again and again when you want to use your notes.
  4. You can easily download OneNote from your OS store because It’s totally free for everyone.

Problems & There Solution:

  1. In OneNote, sometimes users faced the problems of won’t notebook in their OneNote. So, If you are facing this problem then follow the step written below.


To resolve this problem first, you have to go file info that you want to sync, then go to setting and select close or alternatively right click on the file that you want to sync, after that select “close this Notebook” and then open your notebook again without occurring problems.

  1. Sometimes users can’t sync their OneNote.


This is one of the common types of problem In which unable to sync his OneNote. To resolve this issue you have to go play store that is in your mobile otherwise you can also visit the app store on your PC to see an update, If there is an update then go and update to resolve the problem.

  1. In MS OneNote Support sometimes you are unable to sync your content.


My users, you are facing this problem right now or in future just go through the yellow line might show on top of the page, then copy that content from there and paste on the page that causing an error after pasting right click on the main page and delete it.
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